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Power Illusion Features:

Choose your platform

Power Illusion runs on Mac OS X or Windows XP and functions identically on both platforms. Additionally, Power Illusion documents can be exchanged across platforms. Power Illusion has a simple yet powerful interface that allows the user to work in an enviroment similar to other imaging and layering applications.

Total Control

Power Illusion offers a revolutionary new concept in lenticular design. Using keys the user can control the visibility, opacity, parallax, position, scale and rotation of every layer. This allows for the effortless mixing of motion, flips, zooms and 3D all in one layered project. No other application offers this ability.

Built in Calibration

Calibrate images quickly using any resampling method for calibration. Enter any new variable from variation in pixels to variation in lens frequency for calculation of calibration amount.

Find the Pitch of any lens.

Power Illusion includes a complete set of tools for finding the pitch frequency of any lenticular lens. Create ranges and zero in on the exact pitch of a lens.

Import Movies

Import movie files like Quicktime and AVI. Use our movie tools to select every Nth frame from any starting point and spanning any number of frames.

Powerful Previewing

Update any key value and Power Illusion diplays the changes instantly. Preview the rendering of a interlace while in progress. Cancel render at any point.

Step and Repeat

Duplicate lenticular jobs to the lenticule for any sheet width and height. Gang up various lenticular jobs on one sheet. Keep presets for your device for fast setups.


Print to any device with a valid Windows or Mac driver. Automatically or manually place images. Step, space and mirror for optimal output.

Create scenes from Photoshop documents or individual files.

Load Photoshop files and layers along with their transparency, visibility and additional alpha channels will automatically be loaded. Avoid the labor of saving tiffs with alpha maps for each layer and creating separate tiff files for depth information. Now everything can be loaded as one file and saved as one layered Power Illusion document ready to be rendered or modified at any time. Load tiffs, jpegs, picts or BMPs to build your own layered file.

Layer and File

Import individual layers from Photoshop documents or Power Illusion documents. Make changes to a Photoshop document and layers with the same names in the Power Illusion document will maintain track and key data while updating the image information. Layers with new names will be added to the scene also allowing the merging of entirely different Photoshop documents into your working Power Illusion scene.

Create tiling layers

Create a 3D tiling layer from any layer in your Power Illusion scene. Have you ever seen those 3D backgrounds in lenticular images that appears to always be 3D and never make you eyes go funny or appear to have that wave run through them at certain angles. Power Illusion allows you to create them with one simple action.

Layer Actions

Aside from the Create Tiling layer action Power Illusion offers many other actions that make tiresome duties in the timeline a breeze. other actions include "Turn all keys On/Off", "Invert Track Key Values", "Auto Loop Rotation" and "Layers to Frames".

Additional Features

X Export Quicktime movies for client previews.

X Supports both CMYK and RGB files

X Interlace to whole(75.0) or arbitrary(75.533) lens frequencies.

X Work in Pixels, Centimeters, Millimeters, Inches and Feet.

X Copy and paste keys or entire tracks onto other layers.

X Customizable background textures.

X Many settings customizable through the preference panel.

X Blazing fast render speeds in both interlacing and frame generation.



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